TegoMasu Discography

Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa

TegoMasu were considered a temporary group made up of NewS members Masuda Takahisa and Tegoshi Yuya. They were formed to help promote Johnny’s Entertainment internationally and made their debut in Sweden with their single, Miso Soup. On July 15, 2009, they released their album, TegoMasu no Uta, being the first temporary Johnny’s unit to do so.

TegoMasu no Uta

TegoMasu no Uta

  1. Miso Soup (ミソスープ)
  2. Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ (キッス~帰り道のラブソング~ Kiss ~Love Song’s Return~)
  3. Tatta Hitotsu Dake (たったひとつだけ Only One More)
  4. Natsu e no Tobira (夏への扉 The Door to Summer)
  5. What’s going on?
  6. Kushami (くしゃみ Sneeze)
  7. Sayonara Boku no Machi (サヨナラ僕の街 Farewell, My Town)
  10. Shikisai (四季彩 Four Seasons-coloured)
  11. Kataomoi no Chiisa na Koi (片想いの小さな恋 A Small Unrequited Love)
  12. Aiaigasa (アイアイ傘 A Shared Umbrella)
  13. Ame Nochi Hare (雨のち晴れ Clear Weather After Rain)
  14. Chicken Boya (チキンボーヤ)
  15. Miso Soup (English)

TegoMasu no Ai


  1. Neiro (音色 Color Tone)
  2. Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO ga Nakunattara (もしも、この世界から○○がなくなったら If ○○ Disappears from This World)
  3. Bokura no Sora (ぼくらの空 Our Sky)
  4. Pasta (パスタ)
  5. Cheetah, Gorilla, Orangutan (チーター ゴリラ オランウータン)
  6. Yoru wa hoshi wo nagameteokure (夜は星を眺めておくれ For My Sake, Gaze at the Stars at Night Please)
  7. Chu Chu Chu!

TegoMasu no Mahou


  1. Mahou no Melody (魔法のメロディ Magic Melody)
  2. Hanabi (花火  Fireworks)
  3. Yuyake to Koi to Jitensha (夕焼けと恋と自転車 Sunset and love and bicycles)
  4. Yukidaruma (雪だるま Snowman)
  5. Wasuremono (わすれもの Something Forgotten)
  6. Tanabata Matsuri (七夕祭り Star Festival)
  7. Mr. Freedom
  8. Over Drive
  9. Ryokiteki Honey (猟奇的ハニー Honey Bizarre)
  10. Yumetabibito (ユメタビビト Dream Travellers)
  11. Aoi Bench (青いベンチ Blue Bench)
  12. La La Sakura (ら・ら・桜 La La Cherry Blossoms)
  13. Tadaima, Okaeri (ただいま、おかえり I’m Home, Welcome Home)
  14. Ai no Naka de (アイノナカデ In The Love)


Miso Soup ~Swedish/English Version~

Miso Soup ~Swedish/English Version~


  1. Miso Soup
  2. Miso Soup (Original Karaoke)


Miso Soup (Japanese Version)

Miso Soup ~Japanese Version~


  1. Miso Soup (ミソスープ)
  2. Hajimete no Asa (はじめての朝 First Morning)
  3. Chocolate
  4. Sunadokei (砂時計 Hourglass)
  5. Miso Soup (Original Karaoke)


Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~

Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~


  1. Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ (キッス~帰り道のラブソング~ Kiss ~Going Back Home Love Song~)
  2. Kimi + Boku = LOVE? (キミ+ボク=LOVE You+Me=LOVE)
  3. Marui Chikara (まるいチカラ Round Strength)
  4. Kibou no Hikari wo Kokoro ni Tomosou (希望の光を心に灯そう Let the Light of Hope Burn in Our Hearts)
  5. Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ (Original Karaoke)


Ai Ai Gasa

Ai Ai Gasa


  1. Ai Ai Gasa (アイアイ傘 A Shared Umbrella)
  2. Bokura no Uta (僕らのうた Our Song)
  3. Moshi mo Boku ga Pochi Dattara… (もしも僕がポチだったら… If I Were a Pet…)
  4. Boku no Cinderella (僕のシンデレラ My Cinderella)
  5. Ai Ai Gasa (Original Karaoke)


Tanabata Matsuri Swedish/English Version


  1. Tanabata Matsuri (七夕祭り Star Festival)
  2. Tadaima, Okaeri (ただい,まおかえり I’m Home, Welcome Home)
  3. La La Sakura (らら桜 La La Cherry Blossoms)


Tanabata Matsuri

Tanabata Matsuri


  1. Tanabata Matsuri (七夕祭り Star Festival)
  2. Tanabata Matsuri (Original Karaoke)
  3. Hanamuke (はなむけ Farewell Gift)
  4. Bokurashiku (僕らしく Be Myself)
  5. Owaranaide (終わらないで Don’t End It)


Aoi Bench


  1. Aoi Bench (青いベンチ Blue Bench)
  2. Aoi Bench (Acoustic Ver.) (青いベンチ (アクースティック バージョン))
  3. Sotsugyou Album (卒業アルバム Yearbook lit. Graduation Album)


Sayonara ni Sayonara


  1. Sayonara ni Sayonara (サヨナラにさよなら Goodbye, Goodbye
  2. Hitori ja nai (ひとりじゃない You Are Not Alone
  3. Komorebi Memorizu (木漏れ日メモリーズ lit. Sun Filtering Through the Trees Memories)
  4. Sayonara ni Sayonara (Tegoshi Karaoke) [サヨナラにさよなら (テゴ・カラ)]
  5. Sayonara ni Sayonara (Masuda Karaoke) [サヨナラにさよなら (マス・カラ)]
  6. Sayonara ni Sayonara (Original Karaoke) [サヨナラにさよなら (オリジナル・カラオケ)]



Tanabata Matsuri, TegoMasu no Uta – japanesemusicdream



8 Responses to “TegoMasu Discography”

  1. Thank you a lot. TegoMasu are adorable!
    It was really nice to have the opportunity to see them live in Sweden. ♥

  2. Hi. Thank you for making this blog. Actually, the link for Kiss, Kaerimichi no Love Song doesnt work. Can u upload that rar. file on mediafire or anywhere else please?
    Thank you

  3. Thanks a lot!!! been looking for tegomass’ pot of songs. and here it is. Thank you!!! *hugs* im so happy!!! :))))

  4. childeshiro Says:

    i’ve recently learned of this amazing group and i can’t believe how long they’ve been making beautiful music. i was too engrossed with jrock in the past that i haven’t been open to listen to other great jap groups. thank you wholeheartedly for sharing!

  5. Taking some, thanks so much! 😀

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